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Designs by Veak

Vital Watch

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The Vital Watch is a custom mod kit built to enhance the Digimon Vital Bracelet experience by addressing some of the common pain points of the original device, without sacrificing the core features. This DIY shell replacement kit allows you to take the internals of the Vital Bracelet and transform it into a more universal and comfortable design with no soldering required!


  • Glass watch crystal screen replacement
  • USB C charging
  • 22mm wrist strap compatibility (quick disconnect strap recommended. Watch bands not included)
  • 20% slimmer profile (15mm thickness vs 19mm on the Vital Bracelet)
  • 45mm watch body

NOTE: Please carefully select the correct variant of the product.

DIY KIT: This product does not contain the internal components of the Vital Bracelet and the buyer is responsible for the installation of the DIY Kit. See the installation video below for a full step-by-step guide.

Conversion Service: This is a mail in service where the buyer is responsible for mailing their Vital Bracelet in for it to be converted and mailed back to you in 1-2 business days.

Pre-Modded: This is a fully pre-modified Vital Watch that will be mailed directly to you. Current product uses the new Vital Bracelet BE

Package Contents

  • Vital Watch Mod Kit
  • Watch Body with glass, Back Plate, UNPAINTED Screen Cover, 2 Buttons, USB C Adapter, USB C cap, DIM card cap



Q: How will my Vital Bracelet perform after the mod? Does it fix the heart rate sensor or anything else?
A: The VB will perform just as it did before the mod if installed properly. There is no change to any of the parts, including the heart rate sensor, battery, or screen. Those parts will remain identical and the typical functions of the VB such as NFC and heart rate will remain intact.

Q: Is this waterproof?
A: The Vital Watch is not waterproof and does not claim any level of water resistance. Use with your own caution.

Q: What material(s) is the Vital Watch printed in?
A: New revisions of the Vital Watch are manufactured in PA12 nylon using a process called multi jet fusion (MJF), and has a max operating temperature of 70°C/158°F. The original version of the watch was 3D printed in matte PLA+, which can begin to warp at roughly 50°C/122°F.

Q: I've got a custom logo I'd like to add! How can I go about this?
A: I've provided STLs for people to create their own watch faces on Thingiverse, which can be found here:

Feel free to message me with any other questions or comments!