Q: How long will it take before my product is shipped?
Products are often made to order and have an average lead time of 7-10 business days depending on order volume. I'll try my best to get them out earlier, but they will ship out within the quoted date range.

Q: Why do non-US customers have to order on your site? Are you no longer on Etsy?
I'm still selling on Etsy, but having my own website does two wonderful things for both you and I. First off, Etsy's international shipping is atrocious and it hides important information like tracking from the customer. Using my own site gives the buyer an easier way to view where there package is, as well as gives them more shipping options should they so desire. Second, having my own sites gives people an easy landing page for information about new products offers so that everyone can be quickly notified and informed.

Q: My order has shipped, but it's stuck in Chicago/Detroit! What gives??
Sometimes US customs takes awhile to export products when going through USPS as the shipping courier. We've seen this delay takes anywhere from 2 - 8 weeks, and the destination does not have any effect on this estimate from my experience. There is not much I can do about it, and I ask that you be patient or consider choosing a different shipping service. 

Q: When is ________ going to be restocked?
Whenever I have the time! The easiest way to be notified is to join the newsletter or follow me on Twitter.

Q: Do you do custom work/commissions/private sales?
Generally I do not, but this is primarily due to the time investment vs the return. Feel free to send me a message and we can discuss it further if you have inquiries.


Vital Watch

Q: I broke my speaker wire, is my VB toast?
Your VB can work perfectly fine without the speaker wire, but you will obviously not have sound. You can attempt to resolder it, but if the speaker itself is dented or damaged, it may not work regardless.

Q: My speaker sounds very quiet and muffled. What's wrong?
A: The speakers use the base of the outer shell to amplify sound, and glueing the edges of the speaker similarly to how they came installed by the factory helps greatly with the volume, but your mileage may always vary.

Q: My charger is not working. How do I fix this?
A: There are a few factors that need to be addressed to determine the issue. First, verify that your VB is charging properly without the adapter via Micro USB. Second, try charging the VB with the USB C adapter without the watch shell installed. Finally, try again with the shell. If it failed on the first test, the VB itself has a charging issue. If it failed on the second test, it is most likely a faulty adapter and you should contact me for a replacement. Finally if it fails on the last test, then the charger is not able to be plugged in all the way. This could be due to the adapter not being properly seated, or the charging cable not fitting in all the way due to the cable's casing and the Vital Watch's recess not allowing for every cable to fit because of tolerances.



Q: Will you be selling more?
A: The KizuPets were a small pilot run that I've since discontinued due to the product not meeting my quality standards and because of copyright concerns. I will not be producing any more KizuPets, but I'll create my own custom shell in the future!


Vital Pet

Q: I missed the Kickstarter. Will these be available afterwards?
A: More Vital Pets will be in stock in 2022 after the initial waves have been shipped out!

Q: What available color options do I have for the Vital Pet?
 You can see a full list of colors here. Note that colors may change based on availability and logistics.

Q: How will my Vital Bracelet perform after the mod? Does it fix the heart rate sensor or anything else?
A: The installation of the Vital Pet shell does not affect any of the physical hardware of the VB if installed properly. The Upgrade Memory disregards the heart rate sensor check and calculates vitals based on the amount of steps taken every 30 minutes. As long as the minimum amount of 50 steps have been taken in that time, VP will not be lost.

Q: Is this waterproof?
A: The Vital Pet is not waterproof and does not claim any level of water resistance. Use with your own caution.

Q: What material(s) is the Vital Pet printed in?
A: The Vital Pet 3D printed in matte PLA, which can begin to warp at roughly 50°C/122°F. It is not advised to leave this in a hot car or outside in direct sunlight for too long.

Q: I've got a custom logo I'd like to add! How can I go about this?
A: I am not doing custom logos for this device at the moment due to time and copyright, sorry!

Q: Can I purchase just the Upgrade Memory or just the Vital Pet shell alone?
A: There are future plans to offer them separately after we work out logistics to avoid another mishap with delays. More information will be available soon!

Q: Does the Upgrade Memory work on the Digivice V?
A: No, the UM only works on the original Vital Bracelet Digital Monster 

Q: Can I use the Upgrade Memory on multiple VBDMs?
A: Yes, but the Upgrade Memory stores a backup of the last VB you upgrades, so you will lose the ability to go back to stock firmware on any VB besides the last device upgraded.