Hi, I'm Veak

My name is Vincent Veak, and I design products and mods for hobbies I enjoy. Throughout the years, I've really been interested in not only product design, but how people engage with said products and that special feeling we all get when we find something we love. My goal is to capture that special feeling we get when we use a practical mod, when we get the snappy feedback from a good button click, or when we get to show off to the world our custom designs and colors. 

I've worked in many industries in my lifetime as well, from being a professional Twitch streamer and Pokémon tournament grinder, to a laser fab software engineer, to sales, automation development, and even jewelry, I've seen and experienced a lot. I hope that the knowledge and experience I've gained from these past lives will show in the products I make.

I've said this before on many occasions, but I only make products that I personally get excited over, and I hope you will too!