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Upgrade Memory by Heat and cyanic (VER. ViP Overstock)

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This version of the Upgrade Memory is only compatible with the Vital Bracelet Digital Monster, and limited support for the Digivice V. And is NOT compatible with the Vital Bracelet BE


Download the STL files to print your own shell here

Upgrade Memory (Ver. ViP) by Heat and cyanic

Upgrade your Vital Bracelet experience by making your VB more reliable and adding new features.


New Features:

  • A disabled heart rate sensor checks (uses step tracking for activity)
  • Shows the evolution timer in the main menu
  • Full date display
  • Custom backgrounds (including for the VBV)
  • Evolution Notification LED
  • Custom Vital Points balancing
    • Built around pocketing your Vital Bracelet, for example in a Vital Pet case

For more information about the Upgrade Memory, please refer to the user manual found here

IMPORTANT NOTE: A future version of the Upgrade Memory which will support the Vital Hero, the Digivice V and the BE (limited support) is in development. Development for this may take some months. This version has some minor known issues and is sold as-is. 


Q: How will my Vital Bracelet perform after the mod? Does it fix the heart rate sensor or anything else?

A:The Upgrade Memory disregards the heart rate sensor check and calculates vitals based on the amount of steps taken every 5 minutes. As long as the minimum amount of 50 steps have been taken in that time, VP will not be lost.

Q: Does the Upgrade Memory work on the Digivice V or Vital Hero?

A: No, the UM only works on the original Vital Bracelet Digital Monster. On the Digivice V  it only installs an extra custom background.

Q: Can I use the Upgrade Memory on multiple VBDMs?

A: Yes, but the Upgrade Memory stores a backup of the last VB you upgraded, so you will lose the ability to go back to stock firmware on any VB besides the last device upgraded.

Q: Help! I've installed the Upgrade Memory, but can't install any of my DIMs!

A: Your VB is most likely in sleep mode! Press and hold both buttons until you see the screen flicker, and then reinsert your DIM. The VB cannot accept any DIMs while in sleep mode

Known Issues

  • Mapped a variable wrong internally, causing personality in character to shift erroneously
  • An issue with evolution timer underflow causes a ridiculous number to be presented as the remaining evolution timer, entering and exiting sleep mode fixes this
  • Sometimes a zero evolution timer is shown, which can be fixed by transferring to the app and back

For any additional questions or comments, please email