Bite sized battles in the palm of your hand

Experience a new take on virtual pets through dungeon crawling, turn based battles, and wide customization

Launching Q3 2024
  • Turn Based Battles

    Immerse yourself in thrilling battles against a multitude of enemies, where every turn presents the opportunity to strategically unleash a diverse range of unique abilities and actions with your own customized decks.

  • Customizable, Inside and Out

    Enhance your PicoNav experience by personalizing it with our easy-to-install and interchangeable faceplates, allowing you to match your style. But why stop there? Take customization to the next level by accessorizing your Pico with a variety of cosmetic items.

  • Software Updates and Backups

    The PicoNav device will have the capability to receive software updates and backup software using the PicoNav Update Tool (PNUT)

  • Open Source Software

    By open sourcing PicoNav, our community now has the opportunity to collaborate and create a wide range of innovative features and tools, empowering users to create a better product that gets better with age

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The road ahead

The PicoNav is constantly changing and new features and updates are always planned and on the way. Keep up to date with the latest

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